Mindful coaching is an open and reflective exploration. It strives to create an environment that dissolves the limitations of history, expectations and assumptions. It allows clients to thrive and create new possibilities for themselves. It encourages new perspectives, to seek and gain new knowledge.  working with a health and wellness coach provides:

  • a confidential, non-judgmental space to be heard 
  • someone fully present who seeks to understand you and actively listens to your beliefs, concerns and wellness goals
  • help to define those goals and develop strategies to enact real, sustainable, lifestyle changes for overall health and wellness
  • encouragement and support
  • information to help boost confidence for healthier decision making 
  • tools like meditation, mindfulness and/or breathing techniques to calm and clear your mind
  • help to understand the power of food and how the various forms of nourishment impact your health, happiness, and total well-being
  • guidance to discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you

One on one single coaching sessions as well as monthly coaching sessions are available.  Please contact us to discuss the right coaching option for you!