A vital component to everyone's daily routine, yoga not only increases flexibility, fluidity, and strength in the body -- creating long and lean muscles, but also helps to quiet the mind as we are pulled by the different and often competing demands of human life.

INTENSATI:  A revolutionary workout fusing high energy aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga, and strength conditioning.  Spoken affirmations are combined with simple choreography for an exhilarating workout!  This amazing cardio workout is mixed with inspiration that will elevate your spirit and leave you wanting more.  INTENSATI is great for those who like to get their hearts pumping and leave feeling motivated to take on anything!

Open Level Vinyasa Flow: A dynamic and fluid system focusing on coordinating breath with movement. Poses are linked together to create a flowing practice which stretches, strengthens and tones your body, inside and out. Taught in a non-competitive environment, variations for all levels of students are offered, allowing students to work at their own pace. Some basic knowledge of yoga poses and alignment is recommended.

Powerflow Vinyasa: Explore and go to your edge with this vigorous, athletic class emphasizing cardiovascular fitness and core strength. Prepare to sweat. Basic knowledge of yoga poses and alignment strongly recommended.

Level 2/3 Mindful Flow:  If you have a basic understanding of the poses taught in a Vinyasa classes, but would like to practice them more thoroughly and mindfully this is your chance. Taught in a more detailed manner you will learn more, go deeper and find progress in your practice.

Teen Yoga:  A great introduction to yoga for girls through a playful flow class that will focus on developing flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.  Segments on meditation and breathing will promote relaxation, stress-reduction, and connection with the inner self.

Ashtanga Style Flow:  Based on the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga, you will practice a set sequence of poses each and every week.  It is an athletic, yet therapeutic class which allows students to learn about their strengths and weaknesses while observing how practice leads to progress.

Beginner Yoga:  A great introduction to yoga for that will focus on developing flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.  This class will challenge you while providing a great knowledge base of the practice.

Level 1/2 Flow:  A stretch and movement class designed to bring more mobility to your body. Stretching at your own pace and following what feels good, allows you to really experience the poses and all they have to offer you. This healing class loosens fascia tissue, improves flexibility and circulation, and builds strength all while learning to fully experience your breath.